Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While preparing for my daughter's 3rd birthday, I was also sewing for a craft fair that I signed up for at a school.  I pretty much knew that parents attending a school carnival with a craft fair in the MPR would not be buying hundred dollar quilts!  So I had to think of other small things that I could sell, that people might have cash for.

I had felt clippies...

burp rags in 2 and  packs...
coffee cozis

ruffle scarfs...

 and some bags with hand stitched felt flowers (oh and some bigger bags, fabric bookmarks and key chains that i forgot to get pics of)

It was a super slow night...but it wasn't just slow for me, all the booths were having trouble selling stuff - so that made me feel a little bit better.  I didn't lose any money at least, and it was a fun experience.  I just probably wouldn't do it again on such a busy weekend...we had SO MUCH going on, and trying to get all this sewing done just about put me over the edge!

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