Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick Days

 Do you ever have one of those days where your just done with people?  Not anyone specific...just need to not hear voices, not be handled, not be doing something for someone else.  It happens to me frequently.  I just need to be alone.  Everything bothers me, even the simplest request can turn me into a crazy person.  Lucky for me, my husband "gets it".  He can tell when I'm at my limit, and he'll take the kids to whatever floor I'm not on and leave me alone.  Sometimes I need to just go to bed at 6:00 and watch my shows by myself or read, this weekend I needed to MAKE something.  I locked myself in the office (literally - they couldn't get in) cut and pieced this quilt top for two and a half hours.  No interruptions.  And guess what?  It's for me!  The line is called Fandango and it is the perfect colors for my house - teal and dark orange.  I had a layer cake and charm pack, so it made the cutting go super fast.  I used this pattern but changed it up just a tad to make it longer.  I am also going to add a boarder, but I ran out of money!  So it will sit until I can afford the boarder, binding and backing fabric. 

 Yesterday I was sick.  Not *that* bad, but enough to take the day off.  I sat on the couch most of the day & let the kids watch way too much TV.  That's the way it goes though.  While I was sitting there...I stitched up this cute little pillow. It says "Spring always comes".  I found the free pattern here.

It's pretty much perfect for this girl, who HATES winter. 
I put it on a pillow using reverse applique, so that it would pop out a little.
It gave me a chance to learn a new stitch, the chain stitch on "spring"...really pretty easy and super cute.

I also learned the difference between a running stitch and a back stitch...running there are spaces between the stitches, there isn't in a back stitch.  Words = back stitch...swirl lines = running stitch.
Here is a better picture of how it kind of pops away from the pillow. 

 So 2 project for myself in less than a week - it's a record I think!  But they both make me happy and I love them.
Now to keep it real...while I was stitching away...this is what my kitchen looked like!  Gross!


  1. I LOVE the quilt. The fabric is perfect too. I actually have that line on my "wish list" for something. Now that I see it in quilt form I may have to steal the idea for a quilt to cuddle up in for our basement couch. I love all your projects Mandi.

  2. Mandi Lynne I love you, even when you don't love people...I have those days for sure too. Loving the quilt, pillow, and all the other goodies that you make. You are amazingly talented!

  3. I'm in love with your quilt top! I have never made a "real" quilt, like that before. But after reading the directions, I am going to try it. I am sure it will take me more than 2 1/2 hours, but I am putting this on my list of goals for this year. To Make A Quilt!
    Thanks for sharing!


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