Monday, June 6, 2011

FINALLY- Photos!!

Baby Owen's Bedroom!
Well I have been talking on facebook about making all the stuff for Candice's nursery - and I finally have photos!
She picked out and bought this amazing Michael Miller fabric (it's from different collections, but all goes together so well!), gave it to me, and I got busy sewing.  I would finish something every couple of days, then she would come by to pick it was fun to see it all together in Owen's room.  And it was nice to see my friend every couple of days instead of once a month!
The changing pad cover.  Out of everything I made, I was least impressed with this.  One end is flat, one end is angled and the whole top is curved, so it was hard to make it it fit the way I wanted it to.

The Boppy cover.  Well, one of 2.  The front is guitars and the back is striped (I think ;o)

The whole crib.  I made 2 sets of sheets, they were both the same fabric.

The square 9 patch pillow.  I just used plain black to back it with an envelope closure, so she can take it off to wash it.

The quilt. This was my gift to her...I actually bought this fabric to make it.  I love love love this quilt.  It is a simple strip quilt, but I think it's perfect for a boy.  It's backed in a black dot minky, which is just amazing to feel.  The quilting is in the ditch and spread out, so that it will stay nice and soft.  It almost disappears on the backing.

Here is the crib skirt skirt.  It's hard to tell from these photos, but there is a cute box pleat on each side of the skirt.  I guess it wasn't necessary considering the kind of crib she has, but it was fun to do - and much more masculine than a ruffled skirt!

Another pillow that was done in a log cabin design.  The stripe fabric kinda makes it look wonky, but it's not, the strips are all even.

One more pillow.  Its long and skinny and hopefully will be good to put behind her back when she is nursing to make it a tad more comfy.

Her poor daughter is sideways here, but it's a good photo of the strip quilt  :o)

so all in all I made:
2 sheets
2 boppy covers
3 pillows
a crib skirt
a quilt
and a changing pad cover

I was really pleased with how it all turned out and believe it or not, I'm still not sick of this fabric.  I think they picked out the most perfect fabric and it fits their personalities and home so well.  They love that they have a one of a kind nursery that no one else has! 
They bought the guitar fabric and the green dot fabric, but then gave me complete artistic control over the designs and styles of everything.  They told me to do whatever I wanted!  I was impressed (and a little nervous) in their trust of my abilities.  Even Jake, her husband was on board with it.  Often they had more faith in me than I did  lol.  I ended up making my own patterns for a lot of the items because the ones online just didn't fit right with the particular brands or designs that Candice and Jake owned.  Often they would be just slightly off from the fee patterns I found, so I just created new ones. (which was something new for me!)
Thanks again Candice and Jake for letting me make it all!  It was so fun, and such a great learning experience!

So if you know anyone that needs a custom nursery set, I'm confident enough to make one now!  Although I'm not sure if I will ever be able to find such easy going "clients" again - they will be hard to live up to!

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