Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Menu

Wow - I'm late getting to the computer today!  It's the first day of Spring Break and we were way too busy having fun  :o)  We spent the morning at the Springs much fun stuff!

Sunday - Brian had poker night, so we kinda faked our way through dinner.  I had cereal, and the girls had leftovers I think
Monday - Breakfast for dinner: Homemade waffles, eggs and turkey bacon
Tuesday - TACOS!!!  (a family favorite) and Mexican rice.
Wednesday - minestrone soup, bread   (i gotta use up my frozen soup - Brian hates soup in the summer and it's pretty much getting to be summer temps around here)
Thursday - Beef stir fry bowls
Friday - tortellini salad and something BBQed - we never had this last week...I'm fixing the salad for an Easter party, so I'm hoping there are leftovers :o)
Saturday - 3 cheese pepper penne  (a new recipe and our meatless meal - if it's good, Ill come back and link it)

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