Monday, March 28, 2011

I dedicate this shirt to my Mom

When I was little, my Mom made a bunch of my clothes.  I never appreciated it until I started sewing.  This shirt looks just like something my Mom would have made for me.  Even the colors are something she would pick out - although I don't know if she could handle stripes with plaid  haha - just kidding Mom.

After making these dresses...I started thinking about what else I could re-purpose.  I can't keep going to Target ( because you know I can't just stick to the clearance clothing racks!)  And if I take any more of Brian's clothes he won't have anything left to wear.  SO...I went to the thrift store and had a look around.  I came home with these: (among other things)
a flat and fitted sheet for $2

and this Mens shirt for $1.50  (it was originally labeled $3.00 but it was on a white tag - and those were all half off that day)

I can't say that I enjoy making clothes.  In my head I like to be able to follow a pattern, sew it, and have it fit (like quilts!)  but clothes are so different.  My kids rarely fit the pattern exactly, I have to try the different parts on them before sewing it, and usually have to improvise a little with each piece.  BUT...they do look cute in it!

This is my favorite part - the ruffled sleeves.  They are just too perfect for my girly girl!

Here is my improv for this piece.  The pattern did not call for a button closure, but it was way too tight of a squeeze to get it on.  It would have been SO much easier if I had planned it from the beginning and left fabric to do it.  It looks ok on the outside, but inside it's a hot mess!

This is Brooke's favorite part - the pockets!  I wasn't going to put them on, but the front looked too plain without them.  I like how the pleats in the pockets match the pleats on the front of the shirt  :o)

The verdict:  She LOVE LOVE LOVES it  (as in she wants to wear it every day)- so that makes me love it. And it reminds me of my Mom, and that makes me happy too. I will make more clothes, but definitely just for my kids.  The inside seams are way too much of a mess to give something as a gift!


  1. Super cute Mandi! My mom used to sew my clothes back in the day. I tried to do it when my kids were younger but the fabric and patterns got to be expensive - so awesome to repurpose thrift store finds!

  2. It looks great! I love the thrift store idea. I cannot believe that is Brook, she is way too grown up!
    You are an inspiration. Makes me want to sew something.

  3. You've gotten really good! It's so adorable! you'd probably pay $60+ for that top in a specialty little children clothes store

  4. Mandi, I am SO-O-O impressed! How I tried to get you to sew when you were home! The top is adorable and you are right, I would never have put stripes and plaid together at that time. But I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the dedication, I feel special. You are just perfect!!!

    I love you, Mom.


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