Monday, July 11, 2011


Totally forgot to post this quilt that I made for my Mom for Christmas in Dec, her birthday in Feb, Mother's Day!
Even this isn't a photo of the finished product.  I hate it when I don't remember to take photos!  And believe me, it happens a lot!!
Anyway, these tiny squares are 2.5 inches each, and it's somewhere between a throw blanket and a twin.  It's definitely long enough to snuggle under and cover you with straight legs - one of my requirements for quilts for grown ups!  I hate it when a blanket doesn't cover me!!!  It's in red white and blue, but toned down a bit - I think the line is Clermont Farms by Moda.  I really took my time with it and lined up all the seams perfect...I wish I had a close up of them.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

One of the girls in Brian's office hired me to make a baby blanket for her to take to a shower.  She wanted a rag quilt for a girl, but left the color choices up to me.  I really really loved this one.  I love the combo of stripes and flowers...and the little bit of blue in a girls quilt is so pretty to me.

the front

it got nice and fluffy on the edges

the back

Next came a quilt for my new niece London.  It's only about 3 months late, but who's counting?!  This one I did with a homemade chenille.  It pretty much takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R  so I don't make them much, but I sure do love how they turn out!
here is the back

close up of the back and how nice and fluffy it gets

the front

I also made a blanket for Tanya for baby number 6, but of course didn't get a photo!

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