Saturday, January 8, 2011


Don't hate me BUT...I spent a few hours last night making our menus FOR THE WHOLE YEAR.  Well, the main dishes anyway - which is the hard part.  Some items are every other week (taco Tuesday!) Some items are every month (lasagna) and a bunch are every other month, so we don't get too sick of them.  I left Sunday's to try something new each week...if it's a keeper, then I'll erase something later in the year and add it in.
Friday's lunch is "hot lunch"  it will be leftovers from the weeks dinners, or maybe soup...or maybe just something that isn't your typical lunch food.

Breakfasts and lunches are pretty much the same thing every week - for example we will always have eggs and toast on Monday, and sandwiches for lunch on Thursday.  I will change up lunches by switching out all the snacks, fruits and veggies, but the main "thing" will be the same each week - although they will get their choice of what kind of sandwich etc..

This is my favorite week in my calender!

Here is the end of the year, just in case you didn't believe me ;o)
I didn't do breakfasts and lunches over the summer - it's just too unpredictable.  Not that it would be that hard to fill in our "usual lunches" when I need to anyway. 

Here, again, is my list of lunch ideas - it's going to be a bit tougher next Aug when Ellie starts school, because she is SO PICKY (kinda like her Mom, so I can't blame her)  But I think we will have enough of a variety to get a balanced meal in the kid.
Of course I will have to make adjustments - I have no idea when soccer practice will fall, and things come up...but it's nice to know that we just need to rearrange the nights rather than come up with a new menu every week!

Thinking of a menu every week, was kinda stressful for me.  Now I have one less think to do every week!  I will collect all my recipes (including my weekly new one) and make a shopping list on Fridays, so I can get my weekly shopping (without kids!) done on Saturday.  E-mail me (my email address is at the bottom right of the blog)if you want the list of main dishes I fox thorough out the year...with a picky family of 5, there isn't that much variation, but I hope to improve on that with my weekly new recipes!

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