Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Too Shabby

So since my sewing  has improved a bit over the last year, I decided to try sewing some clothes again.
My last attempt turned out less than ideal.
I got this plus size shirt at Target for $5...

and this huge mens shirt from Wally World for $2.  Isn't it nice that the wall is in focus but the shirt isn't?!

Here are the 3 dresses cut out and ready to go!  The 3rd one is fabric I had left over from a Christmas project...

And here is the big reveal!!!  Alison loves loves loves hers...

And Ellie likes hers as "a long shirt"...I think it still looks cute with jeans though - better with clean jeans, but still cute.

and when I told her to look at her knees...

gosh I love these girls!

You may be wondering where Brooke is?
Well, the sizing for Ellie's dress fit Al...and Brooke's dress fit Ellie...SO Brooke didn't get a dress this time.  Although I have a dress cut that is way too big for any of my girls...maybe I will just sew it and find someone it fits!

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