Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Scarf

I swear I have been making stuff!  Well, not the last week - too many sick people in this house. 
I made this scarf a while ago...
As you can see it is a little time consuming to prep, but the actual construction is super easy and the sewing is even easier.  The good thing about using all these pins - I was able to sort through which were dull and which were still sharp!

And here it is all sewn up - in the dirty bathroom mirror.  Living with 3 small kids, must make me immune to noticing these things.  I just noticed when I loaded the photo!

I can't decide which I like more the grey ruffle scarf or this brown pleated one!
well, in this one, you get a clean mirror - but also the nasty hand soap bottle...gotta work on those self portraits!

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